The Value You Receive Over Off the Shelf Bargains

As a savvy traveler, we know you can find cheap bargains purchasing ready-to-go vacation packages from warehouse clubs and directly with vendors who don’t charge non-refundable professional fees. They are wonderful options for those who don’t need anything customized, are fine with standard support, and are committed to self-planning in order to make their tight budget work. What you won’t get, however, is a level of service beyond basic order taking. You deserve someone on your side who you can confidently delegate planning and follow-up to. Someone who will be there to support you before, during, and after your trip to make sure all bases are covered for your vacation.

Imagine what you could do with an extra 1-week on your hands if you didn’t have to dedicate your time to planning your vacation. Imagine 2-weeks. How about 3-weeks? How about a whole month? On average, it takes 30+ hrs to plan a simple, off-the-shelf vacation. If you are considering a destination you are unfamiliar with, you are looking at doubling that time. Add in multiple destinations, additional travelers, varying interests, or complex needs and your planning goes up exponentially. Rather than take on the full burden, be kind to yourself. Invest in professionals that will not only save you time but have the expertise and connections to get you more value for your money and be your biggest advocate should you encounter any trip interruptions.

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should invest in a Travel Advisor. More specifically, at Must Eats Travel, this is the unique value proposition we bring to all our clients. We will be here when you are ready to plan your next adventure.

Travel planning team working with map, notes, and computer
Travel advisors navigating multiple moving parts | Photo by Vlado85, Depositphotos

1) High Level of Service

As trained professionals, travel advisors provide a high level of service before, during, and after your trip. Warehouse clubs or out-of-the-box bargain sites typically do not provide support outside of processing your initial purchase and offering you the option to buy limited travel insurance. If an issue does arise, we can take the time to contact vendors and advocate on your behalf. This alone will save you several hours of follow-up on the phone waiting for a customer service representative on the line to assist you with making changes. Flight cancellations and trip interruptions are stressful enough; it is nice to have someone on your side helping you get through it all. Your time is more valuable than a discount gift card.

2) Personalized Planning

There is a wide range of services and specialties a travel agencies may offer. Some advisors may focus on booking tours or vacation packages while others may only sell cruises. Must Eats Travel specializes in trips to Europe, Asia, and the South Pacific but we are also a full service travel agency. It all begins with a hello. Like most vendors, when you schedule an initial consultation, we will gather some basic information from you to build a quote. But unlike off-the-shelf vacation services, we also have a genuine interest in getting to know you. We want to know your hopes and dreams. What excites you. What do you find stressful. Where do you find the most joy. By getting to know you we can take your trip to the next level with personalized research and itineraries customized to your needs and interests. Whether you want to partake in small group tours or go on once-in-a-lifetime expeditions, we can craft a bespoke adventure that is right for you.

3) ROI

The number of options available for tours, cruises, and vacation packages can be really overwhelming. Travel advisors can help relieve the stress and time needed to research and parse everything. While Must Eats Travel is not in the business of seeking out the cheapest possible options, we are genuinely interested in helping you spend your money wisely on services that are right for you. We focus on designing vacations that provide you the best experience and value for your investment without compromising on quality. Once you make your initial travel selection, we can further refine your activities to make the most of your vacation.

4) Vetted Suppliers

When you look for travel deals on the internet you may find incredible deals for flights, cruises, or other vacation packages directly with suppliers or through third parties. Some deals are legitimate while others are misleading. Some suppliers are reliable while others may lead to disappointment. Travel advisors will be your best resource for screening offers and identifying scams. At Must Eats Travel, we use carefully vetted suppliers so you know you are in good hands. We also regularly review feedback from our clients, online forums, and our travel network to make sure supplier quality and performance continue to meet or exceed our expectations.

It is especially important in the current travel environment to book with trusted suppliers that will provide you solid service & support in not only the good times but also the bad and unexpected. Should any issues arise, Must Eats Travel and our preferred partners are adept at pivoting to meet your needs and advocating on your behalf. For many suppliers we also have access to separate travel portals and dedicated support lines —resources dedicated for travel professionals that are not available to the general public.

5) Accessible Travel

Over 20% of travelers have some form of accessibility requirement. Whether that is due to disabilities, special needs, food allergies, or special diets, we all know someone that is affected. Certified specialists in accessible travel, like ourselves, can assist you with reserving special services, accommodations, and activities. From securing airport meet and greets to walking you through how to obtain modified access passes for theme parks, we can help you worry less and enjoy your vacation more.

6) Aligned Interests

Just like all professional trades, not all travel advisors are equal or may be the right fit for you. Maybe you know exactly what you want and just need someone to book it for you. Maybe you have no idea about a destination but have always wanted to visit and need someone to plan everything for you. To find the right fit, you have to have a conversation with your travel advisor to see if you feel comfortable working with them. But once you find someone that aligns with your interests, your vacation will be elevated to a whole new level. Having that personal connection with your travel advisor really makes a difference. You will have someone on your side that can recommend the best attractions, activities, and hidden gems that are right for you.

At Must Eats Travel, we always have your safety, comfort, and convenience in mind. With those waypoints as our guide, we balance your itinerary to optimize your experience while providing the best value for your investment without compromising on quality. By charging non-refundable professional fees that also ensures that we are building your itinerary with your interests at heart and are not basing our decisions on supplier commission rates.

7) Knowing What to Ask

Experienced Travel Advisors take their continuing education seriously. But just as important as it is to stay abreast of the current travel environment and develop areas of expertise, it is equally vital to be able to ask the right questions to conduct the right research and find options that are relevant for you. Nobody can know everything about everywhere at all times. But our job as travel advisors, is to ask you the right questions so we can gather what we need to tap into our network to find the best solutions to service your need. At Must Eats Travel, not only will we be able to share the latest and greatest information with you after our research, we often come back with offers and amenities that are exclusive to our preferred partner relationships.

8) Time Management

Travel advisors always have their eyes on their calendar and usually have several alarms set so you don’t have to worry about missing important deadlines. At Must Eats Travel, we provide you with timely reminders to keep you on track with payments and other critical dates so you don’t miss out on your vacation. We also give you easy access to your itinerary through a convenient mobile app called Pocket Travel. To be environmentally friendly, all your travel documents will be shared through the mobile app and/or email based on your preference; but printed travel documents are also still available upon request. Of course, anything that requires a hard copy or physical ticket will be mailed to you.

9) Travel Enhancements

Travel advisors have the knowledge and connections to enhance your trip with one of a kind experiences and to smooth out any problems that may arise. At Must Eats Travel, we also have exclusive access to special fares, amenities, and discounts that we can leverage for our clients’ benefit.

10) Expertise in You

In the travel industry, there are order takers who view you as a number and then there are travel advisors who treat you like a human being. At Must Eats Travel, we truly value our clients and purposefully keep our clientele base small so we can maintain a high level of service and personalized attention. As we plan more and more trips together, we will progressively become an expert in you –allowing us to readily tailor vacations and events to suit your lifestyle and anticipate your needs. If for any particular reason we find ourselves unavailable to help you with your trip, we will happily provide you with a referral to another trusted advisor. We do this because we genuinely care and want you to have the best opportunity to make lasting memories.

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