Steps for planning a trip or event with Must Eats Travel…

Trip Consultation
Book Travel
Welcome Home
Research & Design
Book Activities
Go on Vacation

Step 1: Trip Consultation

To begin, schedule a complementary trip consultation.

During our initial call or Zoom, we will get to know each other, explore your vision, and answer any questions you may have. If we are the right fit for one another and you would like to proceed with our services, we will share our timeline for planning, have you sign our travel services agreement, and provide you with a link where you may pay our non-refundable, professional fees to move forward with Research & Design in step 2.

Step 2: Research & Design

We will take the information you have shared with us and begin our research.

Using our extensive global network, we will design a trip or special event based on your needs and interests. We will also leverage our preferred status to find you the most value and amenities for your budget so you can be pampered as much as possible and have the best opportunity to create wonderful memories. Once we complete our initial research, we will reconvene to go over your personalized selection of options. Together we will prioritize your wishlist and refine your proposed itinerary further based on your feedback.

Trip consultation notes and calendar

Step 3: Book Travel

Once you have finalized your primary selections, we will start booking the main transportation and lodging components of your trip and/or special event.

Airfare, hotels, and/or cruises will be prioritized first. Prices and availability are time sensitive and subject to change, so enhancements and activities will be reserved at a later date after we have confirmed the availability and timing of your travel. Depending on the lead time of your trip or event, only deposits may be needed at this time to confirm individual services with suppliers used.

Step 4: Book Activities

We will have more fun adding in all the wonderful activities you want to experience.

Once your main travel components have been secured, we will go over any transfers, tours, activities, and tickets you would like to have booked. We will also advise you if any particular activities are time sensitive and need to be secured right away versus closer to your departure. Prices and availability remain subject to change.

Step 5: Pre-Departure

Throughout the process we will keep in regular touch to get you prepared for your trip.

In addition to handy checklists, tips, recommendations, and destination information we will keep you abreast of any final payments due so you don’t inadvertently miss any critical deadlines. For your convenience and to contribute to sustainable travel, we will also organize your personalized itinerary and all your travel documents in a mobile app, Pocket Travel. It can be used offline, but when it is enabled for the internet the mobile app can provide you with flight updates and yet another method for contacting your travel advisor. Of course the option of printed travel documents will always remain available.

Step 6: Go on Vacation

Have an amazing time!

Rest assured that you will have 24/7 emergency support should you have any trip interruptions. Relax, enjoy, and relish being in the moment!

Step 7: Welcome Home

We are glad you are back and can’t wait to hear about your trip!

Vacations are always too short, but there really is no place like home and there will always be another adventure ready and waiting for you to explore. After you have had a chance to settle down, we would love to hear about your trip and see all your favorite photos.

Step 8: Repeat

Repeat steps 1-7 for another amazing trip with us…

When you are ready…

We look forward to learning more about you and what you envision for your vacation or special event. Please send us a message or find time on our calendar when you are ready to schedule a complementary trip consultation.

Thank you and best wishes always,

Jacyln & the Must Eats Family