American Indian Heritage Day (Civil Holiday)

American Indian Heritage Day is a civil holiday observed on the fourth Friday of November, the day after the federal holiday of Thanksgiving. It is a holiday that to encourage understanding of Native American history, heritage, and achievements. It was signed into law by President George W. Bush in 2008. In the same year, Maryland established it as an official state holiday; Washington followed suit in 2013, establishing it as Native American Heritage Day for their state. November is also considered Native American Heritage Month.

For activities to recognize the Native American perspective, see the Educational Resources on National Geographic and visit the Native American Heritage Month site hosted by The Library of Congress.

Traditional Food

Focus on indigenous food such as

  • ♠ Turkey
  • ♣ Corn
  • ♥ Beans
  • ♦ Wild Rice
  • ♠ Pumpkins
  • ♣ Maple
  • ♥ Cranberry




Honor ancestors and heritage

Travel Tips

  • Peak Season for Travel:
    • American Indian Heritage Day follows Thanksgiving. Most businesses will be open but traffic may be severely affected. Please plan accordingly.
    • Make reservations early
    • Airfare, car rentals, and lodging will be charging premium rates that week
    • Expect heavy traffic that coming Sunday on all forms of transportation
    • Expect heavy traffic around stores and shopping malls participating in Black Friday
  • Hours:
    • Business hours may still be affected by the Thanksgiving holiday
    • Non-essential government offices may be closed
    • National parks may be closed
    • Public transportation may be running limited hours
  • ♥ Sales:
    • Coinciding with the date of this holiday, Black Friday sales are held

Event Location

Event Timing

  • Date:November 25, 2022