Veterans Day (Holiday)

Veterans Day is a US federal holiday held on November 11 to celebrate the anniversary of the signing of the armistice that ended World War I as well as a day to thank all veterans for the liberties they protected and the sacrifices they made while serving in the US military. In addition to the actual holiday, if Veterans Day falls on a Saturday it is also observed on a Friday. If it falls on a Sunday then Monday is observed as a federal holiday. But not all Americans have the 3-day weekend off as their businesses remain open.

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  • Flags Half Mast: US flags are hung at half mast to honor past and present veterans;
  • Honors:
    • Some cities and towns hold a parade to honor veterans;
    • Some churches hold special services to honor vetarans;
    • Military installations hold events to honor past and present service members;
  • Give Thanks: American citizens thank veterans or current military service members for their service and sacrifice

Travel Tips

Veteran’s Day is an observed holiday in the USA. It is a 3-day weekend for some but not all Americans.  Please plan accordingly. Contact businesses directly to find out if they have any special holiday hours.

  • Holiday Travel:
    • While not as busy of a travel day as the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, you should still make reservations early
    • If the holiday falls on a weekend, then it becomes a 3-day extended weekend for Americans whose businesses also observe the holiday
    • Airfare, car rentals, and lodging may charge premium holiday rates
    • Hotels and other accommodations may require a minimum length of stay
    • Expect traffic on the day before the observed holiday and the last day of the weekend
  • Hours:
    • Non-essential government offices will be closed
    • Most businesses (including groceries and restaurants) will be open but may have limited hours
    • National parks may have limited hours
    • Public transportation may have limited hours
  • Road Closures:
    • Roads may be closed ahead of time for parades and other celebrations; they remain closed for an extended period of time afterwards for cleanup 
  • Free Street Parking:
    • On-street parking meters are generally free on federal holidays and federally observed holidays (see meter or street sign)
    • On-street parking meters are generally free on Sundays (see meter or street sign)
  • Sales:
    • Some businesses, especially big department stores, have promotional sales leading up to the holiday

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